We love grooming supplies old and new! Check us out for some Oldies but goodies and some fun new things

Welcome to Tried N True Grooming Supplies where we have brushes, combs, rakes and more!

We are the ONLY USA distributor of the iconic Frank Universal Slicker brushes, which are no longer made in Germany but are now being made in Denmark

The founder of Tried N True , Tammi,  has been personally grooming for 48 years and has used many different grooming supplies thoughout the years. In her opinion, nothing compares to the Frank Universal Slicker brushes!

Since this business started in October of 2022, we have and will continue to add new items as time goes on.

Tried N True's goal is to bring some of the old  "tired and TRue" oldies but goodies to those that miss them and to those that have yet to try them!

UP AND COMING:We are waiting  for the prototype of the rake that is currently being manufactured that will be similar to the old "PSI *)*" that is no longer being made.

What we do

ALL SHEARS and THINNERS made with Japanese stainless steel with a hardness rate of 56

Frank Universal Slicker Regular Hard

These brushes are great for the heavy duty jobs!!! This is the smaller one so great for those that have smaller hands. But can be used on any size dog!!

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Frank Universal Slicker Regular Soft

This brush is great for dogs that get brushed daily and older dogs with sensitive skin. It is not good for dematting a very messy dog.

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Frank Univeral Slicker Large Hard

These brushes are great for the heavy duty jobs!! This is the large and my personal favorite for the handle style. Can be used on any size dog.

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Frank Universal Slicker Large Soft

The larger version of the soft. Again great for older dogs with sensitive skin and those that get brushed daily.

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Dental Tools

These are great inexpensive dental tools to help keep your dogs teeth clean. You can buy in any amount. There are 2 styles to choose from at this time.

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We have USA made products and we also Import from other countries to bring you the best possible products we can find.  
  We do not however import from China!

We will be adding new things thru out the year.   You just never know what we will find to add to the website!!